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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For - Alexandra Potter

Read in 2010


Supposing I won't like this at all, judging by the cheesy title, I still read it out of politeness because I got it as a present. As I read a couple of pages, I couldn't believe that someone actually sees this as literature. It seems as someone wrote this book just to make a joke.


As someone who passed the age of twelve, I couldn't see how this could be taken seriously by anyone pass that age, but sadly I've seen grown woman reading Alexandra Potter. It may seem as cruel but I find this writer awful as well as this book. ( I read another book of hers just to make sure).

Anyway, the story is a very bad blend of reality and fantasy concerning a young woman with many desires. She buys a magical good luck charm from an old woman and suddenly all her wishes come true. After some time she finds out that all those things realized do not please her, but bother her. 


Not even having to think about the moral of the book, you see that it want to spread the message to think carefully before you wish for something because it may not be what you want.


Nothing wrong with the moral, but I'm very displeased it's displayed in such a shallow way. This book, with all it's exaggerations, very bad humor and above all, shallowness enters my list of worst books ever.