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Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella

Read in 2010


Although I  don't remember much about this book (thank God), I remember disliking it. The story has no point whatsoever. It was supposed to portray everyday life in a humorous way but it is in fact  shallow, unnatural and full of cliches.  


The main character of this story is a young female who pours all her secrets to a stranger on a plane. Well, not being able to find trustworthy people or not being clever enough to recognize them leads you to confiding in strangers. I consider the reason to be mainly the lack of intelligence and depth of the character.  


Anyway, after trashing her co-workers and the company to a stranger, a poor plot twist attempt appears. The stranger is the owner of the company she works for and she falls in love with him. After numerous obstacles, two lovers manage to be together and like every poorly written chick-lit, the story finds it's happy end.


This, to put it simply, stupid story found it's way to my list of literary garbage.


By Elverith