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Three Meters Above The Sky

Tres metros sobre el cielo / Three Meters Above the Sky (Spanish Edition) - Federico Moccia

Read In 2010


Unlike the idiotic, unnecessarily popular and bad movie, this book is a decent teenage novel. I probably wouldn’t like it if I’d read it now but back in 2010, I considered it to be very good.

The story is a classical good girl falls for a bad boy story. It’s adventurous, exciting a basically everything a teenage girl would want from a love story. Not only that, the main male character is based on the assumption of the perfect boyfriend - the one who will change from bad to good because you love him. Aw, ain’t that sweet and completely ridiculous? Sure, it happens, but if you fall for a bad boy, and he turns good for you, he wouldn’t be the guy you fell for because, loved that BAD in him. A little unrealistic. If a person is bad on the inside, you let that go, but if he’s a good person with no choice… that’s another story. Never mind, I got off topic there.

Anyway, the story is well developed and detailed. But I can’t help the feel that is written according to a romance recipe. Everything seems so perfect for them, a lot of unrealistic situations and time match. Of course, you have to consider that the book is basically the fantasy of million adolescent girls in 200 pages. Not sure if I feel annoyed with or bad for the girls who all think the same. (digression again)

In the end, Moccia did a pretty decent job on this book.