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Cell - Stephen King

Read in 2010


Tragic and funny at the same time is the fact that this man is considered to be a master of the horror genre and that he is one of the most popular writers of the modern world. Oh that New York Times and it's writers and bestsellers...
Great writers are ceasing to exist and the awards are taken by those who provide entertainment for the public, because literature today is the same thing as entertainment. Anyway, with this book, King proved himself boring, uncreative and and a complete failure as a writer.

The book was suppose to show the modern obsession with technology and it's influence on humanity. A topic already dull and worn out. Moreover, King tried to pull this topic through horror. Seriously?
In short, the story is about cell phones who turn people into zombies. Again, seriously? A dumb topic introduced with a dumb plot and the guy gets the status of a horror expert. Fiction is very hard to write indeed, because it's crucial you convince your readers in the verity of your story but this is ridiculous.

Complete lack of literary abilities, a chewed up topic, idiotic plot and non-creativity of this book makes it one of the worst I've ever read.