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Remember Me?: A Novel - Sophie Kinsella

Read in 2011


As much as I hate cheap cliche writing, I must admit that this was not complete rubbish, Sophie can do so much worse. Her books are all basically the same, cheap n' light, with no point. Meaningless in general. But this one actually has some kind of point, although expressed with very poor skills. But than again, she can't do any better.

Now, the story is about a normal girl with physical flaws, insecurities etc. who wakes up from a coma in which she had been for 3 years and doesn't remember a thing, thinking she's still the girl from 3 years ago. She is now super hot, successful, rich, has a hot husband etc. By learning about her new life, she becomes resentful of it. 

Her new life is described as stuffy, full of fake people, suffocating and kind of plastic in general, so the average read can resent it also. She can't be herself in this new life, so Kinsella took an average tumblr post and turned it to a book. It's screaming JUST BE YOURSELF. For people who need this kind of encouragement, it can be very inspiring. And for you who like me, feel infuriated having to listen to such well know facts, I suggest you avoid it.