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You're The On I Don't Want

You're the One That I (Don't) Want a-Format - Alexandra Potter

Read in 2012

from March 16 to 18


I think Potter is the only writer I despise more than Sophie Kinsella. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and throw up a better book than any of Potter's. Never mind that, the book was absolutely horrible. The main character Lucy is a complete idiot. She's  childish, reckless, basically someone you would like to punch in the face if you ever met them. 


In Alexandra Potter's books you can't find any point whatsoever. Even Kinsella introduces some poor and meager points. As if the book was not already bad, Potter introduces magic and fantasy factors.


I really can't make myself talk about the plot. If you're interested, you can read the synpsis of the book on Goodreads