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The Choice

The Choice - Nicholas Sparks

Read in 2012  (from August 30 to September 4)


I heard many positive opinions on Nikolas Sparks and his books so I wanted to check it out. I ended up thoroughly disappointed. Reading this book I finally realized that New York Times' bestseller books are actually really really bad. Their every bestseller I've read ended up being literary garbage. I guess those books were only written to be sold and make profit to certain people.


Anyway, The Choice's story is boring and predictable. All you want is the story to finish already. The characters are very shallow and undeveloped. The main female character who is an MD shows rather prominent signs of stupidity.


There are two parts of the book. The first part is a complete failure, while the second is not as bad as the first, but rather uninteresting.


Disgusted by this book, I am sure to never read anything from Sparks again.