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The Shack

The Shack - Wm. Paul Young

Read in 2011  (from August 8 to 22)


It's kinda hard to rate this book. I liked it when I read it for the firs time but there are a lot of flaws in contrast to the nice message the book sends. The message is religious, it calls for belief in God but it is also a little pathetic and cheesy.


The story tells you about a man's suffering due to loss of his daughter which caused his loss of faith. I consider the idea to be decent, useful and maybe even interesting, but it could have been shown in a different way and a lot better. Young introduced too much fantasy for the book to be very good.


Anyway, the main character goes to the shack where his daughter was murdered and meets God (who send him a written message to go there). God is and old African woman making pancakes, the Holy Ghost is an Asian woman etc. I assume this was arranged in order to break religious stereotypes which many have.


As the man spends his time in the shack, he regains his faith, which gradually leads the reader to reconsider his attitude towards religion and look at things in the way the writer does. 


That is one of the good points in this book but also one of he worse, because it thinks instead of the reader. These are simply some things that an intelligent person should already understand. 


I really don't like those type of books. It's the same reason I dislike Coelho so much. But unlike Coelho, Young does have something to say.