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Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire  - Anne Rice

Read in 2011  (form August 29 to October 7)


This was one good vampire novel. Pleasantly surprised, I found that it is easy to read and yet not superficial trash. While the sheer fantasy usually deals only with action and invest everything in one goal, to interest the reader, this novel cuts deep into the very nature of beings it  deals with and consider their complex thoughts and feelings. I understood it as metaphorical novel because, completely unrelated to the Vampires, Anne Rice describes a new state of consciousness and a different perspective. Suppose a revelation of some kind.
Due to changes in his condition, the main character perceives beauty he had not perceived before, thinks in a different way as if his new state encourages new and dark thoughts. After all, he still tends to be with ones similar to him and is torn between what he once was or what he had become.
There really wonderful thoughts and quotes in the book.
There is movie for this book which, more inclined to Hollywood, didn't depict the points of the book.