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How To Be Adored

How to Be Adored: A Girl's Guide to Hollywood Glamour - Caroline Cox

Read in 2011


I got this book for my 18th birthday from very good friends. You may call it a girl’s guideline through glamour, dressing, makeup and all those female things. If you’re into that old Hollywood glamours, you will enjoy it very much. It’s actually not bad and quite useful. Many women are not sure how to dress in accordance with their figure, wear makeup in accordance with the shape of their faces etc. I enjoyed it myself quite a bit back then, but as I got older, I got very distant from this subject. To describe it in one sentence: Shallow but useful.

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Cell - Stephen King

Read in 2010


Tragic and funny at the same time is the fact that this man is considered to be a master of the horror genre and that he is one of the most popular writers of the modern world. Oh that New York Times and it's writers and bestsellers...
Great writers are ceasing to exist and the awards are taken by those who provide entertainment for the public, because literature today is the same thing as entertainment. Anyway, with this book, King proved himself boring, uncreative and and a complete failure as a writer.

The book was suppose to show the modern obsession with technology and it's influence on humanity. A topic already dull and worn out. Moreover, King tried to pull this topic through horror. Seriously?
In short, the story is about cell phones who turn people into zombies. Again, seriously? A dumb topic introduced with a dumb plot and the guy gets the status of a horror expert. Fiction is very hard to write indeed, because it's crucial you convince your readers in the verity of your story but this is ridiculous.

Complete lack of literary abilities, a chewed up topic, idiotic plot and non-creativity of this book makes it one of the worst I've ever read.

Three Meters Above The Sky

Tres metros sobre el cielo / Three Meters Above the Sky (Spanish Edition) - Federico Moccia

Read In 2010


Unlike the idiotic, unnecessarily popular and bad movie, this book is a decent teenage novel. I probably wouldn’t like it if I’d read it now but back in 2010, I considered it to be very good.

The story is a classical good girl falls for a bad boy story. It’s adventurous, exciting a basically everything a teenage girl would want from a love story. Not only that, the main male character is based on the assumption of the perfect boyfriend - the one who will change from bad to good because you love him. Aw, ain’t that sweet and completely ridiculous? Sure, it happens, but if you fall for a bad boy, and he turns good for you, he wouldn’t be the guy you fell for because, loved that BAD in him. A little unrealistic. If a person is bad on the inside, you let that go, but if he’s a good person with no choice… that’s another story. Never mind, I got off topic there.

Anyway, the story is well developed and detailed. But I can’t help the feel that is written according to a romance recipe. Everything seems so perfect for them, a lot of unrealistic situations and time match. Of course, you have to consider that the book is basically the fantasy of million adolescent girls in 200 pages. Not sure if I feel annoyed with or bad for the girls who all think the same. (digression again)

In the end, Moccia did a pretty decent job on this book. 

Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella

Read in 2010


Although I  don't remember much about this book (thank God), I remember disliking it. The story has no point whatsoever. It was supposed to portray everyday life in a humorous way but it is in fact  shallow, unnatural and full of cliches.  


The main character of this story is a young female who pours all her secrets to a stranger on a plane. Well, not being able to find trustworthy people or not being clever enough to recognize them leads you to confiding in strangers. I consider the reason to be mainly the lack of intelligence and depth of the character.  


Anyway, after trashing her co-workers and the company to a stranger, a poor plot twist attempt appears. The stranger is the owner of the company she works for and she falls in love with him. After numerous obstacles, two lovers manage to be together and like every poorly written chick-lit, the story finds it's happy end.


This, to put it simply, stupid story found it's way to my list of literary garbage.


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by Elverith


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Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot

Read in 2010


The second part of Heather Wells is exactly the same as the first one Size 12 is Not Fat (see review)
Same plot: She is in love with the same guy who doesn't notice her, and there are still murders happening.


Size 12 is Not Fat

Size 12 Is Not Fat - Meg Cabot

Read in 2010


This book was recommended to me as a 'good mystery novel'. Skeptical about it, I read it anyway. So far, I've learned not to take books I'm sure I'm not going to like. I do not like convincing people to read a book that I find good, and I don't like them convincing me to read something they like unless I'm sure that our taste is similar. Everyone should read books according to their own taste.

Anyway, the story is about Header, an ex-pop star that has put on weight and found a job at a student dorm. The character of Header is uninteresting and a little dull. She's a typical girl and of course, in love with a hot guy that doesn't know about her feelings. Her life revolves around a guy and occasional mysteries in the student dorm.


I find the story decent, even interesting in the parts where the murders come in. 


Although I didn't like it, I admit that Meg Cabot is not a bad writer. Only, her books are not for adult audience.


By Elverith


Finally spared some time to read The Hobbit

She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.

― Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita



Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For - Alexandra Potter

Read in 2010


Supposing I won't like this at all, judging by the cheesy title, I still read it out of politeness because I got it as a present. As I read a couple of pages, I couldn't believe that someone actually sees this as literature. It seems as someone wrote this book just to make a joke.


As someone who passed the age of twelve, I couldn't see how this could be taken seriously by anyone pass that age, but sadly I've seen grown woman reading Alexandra Potter. It may seem as cruel but I find this writer awful as well as this book. ( I read another book of hers just to make sure).

Anyway, the story is a very bad blend of reality and fantasy concerning a young woman with many desires. She buys a magical good luck charm from an old woman and suddenly all her wishes come true. After some time she finds out that all those things realized do not please her, but bother her. 


Not even having to think about the moral of the book, you see that it want to spread the message to think carefully before you wish for something because it may not be what you want.


Nothing wrong with the moral, but I'm very displeased it's displayed in such a shallow way. This book, with all it's exaggerations, very bad humor and above all, shallowness enters my list of worst books ever.